Full Moon, Mercury Retrograde & February Forecast

We have a very auspicious Cancer Full Moon in Vedic Astrology on January 28th bringing in the nourishing energy of the Great Nurturer. You’re being called to reconnect to your heart and get in touch with your empathy, compassion and divine devotion. There is an opening to access your spiritual maturity, intuition, and dharmic path of right action.

This spiritual and compassionate Full Moon energy is opposite the practical, serious and responsible sign of Capricorn. That is where the rest of the planets, except for Mars, will be aligning in February for a rare conjunction and a Saraswati Yoga. This is where the pressure is and can leave you feeling heavy, but the Full Moon energy can help to soothe and release some of the pressure.

Mercury Retrograde starts on January 30th and Mars is firing up your courage.

Watch the video below and I will share with you how to best use the New Moon energy, navigate the January transits, and get ready for the intense focus of February.


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