June 2022 Vedic Astrology Forecast | Spiritual Awakening

Mars (Honorable Warrior) is with Jupiter most of the month in the spiritual sign of Pisces calling us to practice spiritual discipline, have courage and be devoted to the truth to awaken spiritually.

Mercury is coming out of retrograde and going direct on June 3rd. We’re going to feel the energy start to clean up and move around communication, technology issues, finances, and business.

And some things are going to slow down as Saturn goes retrograde just as Mercury turns direct.

Venus (Connector) is with Rahu (Magician) until the 18th and magnifying our desire in relationships. This can be very intoxicating and bring in some wonderful new connections, but also can lead to complications and drama. Get creative in existing love relationships and take things slow with new ones.

And we have an intense Full moon mid month…

Watch this video and I will share with you what you need to know to navigate all of the powerful planetary shifts this month.

Much Love,

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