June 2022 Full Moon Vedic Astrology | Break Free

Stay grounded and manage your emotions from the inside out, so they don’t manage you during the days around this Super Full Moon on June 14th in Scorpio. This powerful Full Moon is supporting us in untying some karmic knots, so we can break free to a new level of being.

The last Full Moon we had on May 16, was a lunar eclipse and was also in the deeply emotional sign of Scorpio in Vedic Astrology. It is rare to have two consecutive full moons in the same sign and it compounds the energy.

It’s not all about emotions with Scorpio… the deeper call is to align to what you are truly devoted to and not get caught in the beliefs that keep you from it.

Because of the placement in Jyeshtha Nakshatra there is a frequency of courage and empowerment available to us, so use it wisely to break free and move on.

There are some days just after the Full Moon when Venus and Rahu align and it is best to steer clear of expectations and drama in relationships… as things can get blown way out of proportion.

Watch the video where I will share with you how to use the power of this Full Moon and navigate the tricky transits just after it.

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