Lunar Eclipse November 2022 Astrology | Blood Moon

Are you feeling the intensity as the lunar eclipse approaches on November 8th? I sure am!

This is a blood moon total Lunar Eclipse in Aries in the nakshatra of Bharani in Vedic Astrology. Emotions will be running high on the day of, before and after the eclipse…so it is important to stay present and grounded.

There’s a collective theme playing out for all of us around fulfillment of our desires in relationships vs our independence and freedom…and there are specific areas of life the eclipses and the planetary transits are triggering for you.

Eclipses are catalysts for healing and growth. They can open you up to a new direction in life if you are willing to let go of the status quo and heal what is in your way.

Watch the Lunar Eclipse forecast and I will guide you through this transformational time.

I have a special invitation for you! Please join me for the first Full Moon Sacred Healing Circle on the Lunar Eclipse on November 8th. Yes, there will be a replay.

Full Moon Sacred Healing Circle

Our healing journey will include:

  • Energy update for deeper understanding and planetary resonance.
  • Sound healing and mantras you will experience alchemy of the senses and spirit to clear your energy field and raise your frequency.
  • A sacred meditation process to break free from programming and limiting beliefs that are not serving your full potential.
  • Soul wisdom questions that align with your intuition, inner wisdom and true power.

In addition to the upgrade in energetics...

Reading Giveaway! By participating you will be entered into a raffle for a private, live Vedic astrology reading session with me.

Participating in the healing circle live or later by recording is an activation of all that is powerful and true with you. There is no hard work to do. Come open and curious knowing that what you need will be provided.

Join me for the Full Moon Sacred Healing Circle


Much Love,

P.S. Did you book your Eclipse Reading? The special offer for this live reading session with me is only good until the lunar eclipse November 8th.

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