Solar Eclipse October 2022 Astrology | Cosmic Restart

Hang on… Eclipse season is here! We have a powerful Solar Eclipse on October 25, at 7 degrees of Libra in the Nakshatra of Swati. This Eclipse is with Ketu (Mystic), the south node of the moon and brings on unexpected changes that shifts your direction and requires you to let go in some way.

The collective theme of this eclipse is about relationships, although this eclipse and the Lunar eclipse on November 8th will affect you in specific areas of life depending on your astrology chart.

This powerful cosmic event is asking you to come to terms with your energy exchange in relationships. It’s a restart…the end of something and the beginning of something new. Deep trust is needed to be willing to relinquish and surrender before knowing what the new path is.

This powerful Solar Eclipse is happening at the same time as Diwali, the festival of lights. Venus (Connector) the planet that rules relationships will get eclipsed. The way through this pivotal energy is to navigate from the inside out, release what you are being called to let go of, and not put extra pressure on relationships during this time.

Watch the video and I will share with you how to navigate this unstable energy, so you receive the growth intended for you.

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