March 2022 Astrology & New Moon | Intensity & Changing Direction

Are you feeling the pressure? The end of February and the month of March have some of the most intense planetary alignments of the year, so that’s why it feels like we are in a pressure cooker and we are seeing that reflected in the world.

This is really strong energy and lot of change afoot. When we feel intensity and change we can feel stressed and things can combust easily, so self care is a number one priority this month.

We have several planets facing off with Saturn (The Administrator) in Capricorn, which I call the “gatekeeper of truth or consequences”.

Saturn takes what we believe to be true and puts it under pressure. If it really is true, it becomes more solid and clear like a diamond. If it proves not to be true, it is crushed to dust.

The Mars and Venus alignment has moved to Capricorn to meet up with Saturn. The Lunar Nodes are changing signs which only change every one and a half years. This creates growth, change, and letting go in two specific parts of our Soul Blueprints.

Watch the forecast video where I share with you how to navigate these intense transits, so you know how to manage your energy and not get swept up in it.

Much Love,

PS With all that is going on in the world there is a need to nurture peace more than ever. Click here to download my Free Peaceful Presence meditation. The more peace you align with the more peace you can create in the world.

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