Virgo Full Moon and Spring Equinox – Return of the light

This enlightening Full Moon in Virgo on March 18th comes just before the long awaited Equinox where we return to the light in the northern hemisphere. I am so ready for spring, I’ve already been preparing the soil and starting to plant my garden.

And just before the Full Moon the Lunar Nodes have moved to Aries and Libra where the eclipses will be. This shifts the axis of growth and brings unexpected changes to you in two different two houses/areas of life in your Soul Blueprint for the next year and a half.

  • Organizing the details of our purpose, mission, and movement in the world.
  • Connecting deeply in our relationships and nurturing stronger bonds with each other.
  • Being kind and compassionate to help alleviate suffering in the world.
  • Forgiving ourselves and others so we can have more peace and unity.

Watch the video so you can align with the powerful energy of the Full Moon and Equinox.

Much Love,

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