March 2023 Vedic Astrology | What You Must Know


Can you believe it’s March already? This is an important month with a lot of planetary shifts in Vedic Astrology and you will feel things will speed up!

By mid April we will be in Eclipse season…so it’s very important to get clear on what you are birthing new in your life and business before then, so you don’t get pulled off track by the changes the Eclipses can bring.

Here are some of the highlights this month:

  • Jupiter and Venus are in Pisces together until mid month creating a very auspicious energy that is calling you to deeply connect with the divine energy that weaves us all together and bring that into your relationships.
  • Mars is shifting out of Taurus where it has been frustrated slowing down your productivity. It’s moving into Gemini where it will speed things up, but you will have to watch your communication, so not to argue.
  • Mercury shifts to Pisces where it is debilitated, but it is good for creativity and out of the box thinking.

And More…

Watch the forecast and I will guide you on how to navigate all the cosmic shifts this month and get prepared for Eclipse season.

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