March 2024 Predictions | Eclipse Season

The initial eclipse of 2024 takes the form of a lunar eclipse set to occur on March 25th. Not only does this serve as the first eclipse of the year, but it also marks the initiation of a new eclipse pattern in Vedic Astrology, specifically within the signs of Virgo and Pisces.

The month of March presents a variety of other immensely significant transits, starting on March 7th with the transition of Mercury into Pisces, followed by Venus moving into Aquarius on the same day.

Mercury, while positioned within Pisces, experiences a state of debilitation, allowing for unconventional thinking but hindering logical thought processes. In this instance, reliance on intuition becomes essential.

Venus, on the other hand, beckons us to establish connections with those who inspire us, while also allowing us to inspire others in alignment with our true purpose.

March 15th witnesses Mars transitioning into Aquarius, cautioning against engaging in needless arguments.

And there is much more to explore…

💜 I invite you to watch the video where I will delve into all the significant celestial movements and provide guidance on navigating the cosmic energies of this month.


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