The Magic of Full Moon February 2024 | Vedic Astrology

The Full Moon on February 24th at 4:41 am is in the noble sign of Leo in Vedic Astrology.

Leo invites us to activate our courage, self expression and natural gift of leadership.

The Full Moon is in the royal nakshatra of Magha, at the heart of the lion. It is the brightest star in Leo and is home to the ancient deities called Pitris, the protectors of humanity.

It is aspected across the zodiac by the Sun, Mercury and Saturn in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius, where we are called into our social purpose.

We are called to have the courage to release and heal, so we can open our hearts and lead from the inside out in this pivotal time we are living in.

💜 Watch the Full Moon forecast video and I will guide you to make the most of this powerful energy.


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