Mars And The Power Of The Strategist Archetype


Mars, the Strategist, Engineer, and Honorable Warrior Archetype, is in a strong position now and will be for the next 5 months. Mars and its Archetypes are in charge of our passion, desire, and productivity.

Here is why this is important for you…

This energy is hot and fast by nature and on the shadow side can be over competitive, hot-headed, and impulsive. It’s essential that you stay dialled into your PASSION during this time…otherwise, you can end up frustrated, pissy, and over-reactive.

Stay very tuned into your purpose and take clear grounded action to support it instead of getting caught up in someone else’s purpose or a battle that is not yours.

Mars and its archetypes own the energy of “Spiritual Warrior” and must only take their direction from the Divine for the great good.

Discover the Authentic POWER of the Strategist and how to manage this POWERFUL energy.

The Strategist Archetype is:

High-Achieving. Productive. Smart. Calculating. Passionate. Strong. Decisive. Ambitious. Enthusiastic. Systematic. Competitive. Active. Convicted. Tactical. Goal-Oriented. Persistent. Gritty.

The Strategist is a success-driven individual with the profound desire to support future growth. As a Strategist, you are highly gifted when it comes to devising plans which align vision with action to create a better world.

Mantra: “Every vision has a plan.”

Soul Desire: To be a channel for planning, producing, and formulating better ways to realize a worthy mission.

Purpose: To help visions become successful missions through inspired action plans.

Shadow: Self-centered. Over-competitive. Perfectionist.

You are ambitious, smart, passionate, decisive, technical, and on a path of personal precision. You help to create a better future by empowering great thought with the deliberate, purposeful actions.

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