May 2020 Astrology: Get Ready for Huge Shifts

huge shifts

 Hang on… we have Huge Shifts this month with three planets going retrograde within four days. That’s a lot of movement in a short time! These big energetic shifts have the power to give us the solutions we need, both personally and collectively, in this precarious time.

With Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn going retrograde you will be called to deeply reevaluate the most important areas of your life. Living in the past is not recommended for being in the power of the present moment. And there’s a specific way to use this energy to notice the lessons from the past that you have learned and overcome the ones you are still struggling with. In this video I share this process with you.

We are being called to live more harmoniously with the planet and each other. This is a tall order as we have a lot of work to do, but we have the energetic support toΒ  make great strides in this new direction.

You won’t want to miss the magical opening for raising your consciousness that starts on May 7th.

Watch the video below and I share with you how to successfully navigate these shifts with clarity instead of confusion.

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