New Moon May 2020 – What are your values?

what are your values

What are your values? The reason I ask, is because this auspicious New Moon is calling you to examine your values to see if they are in alignment with what is truly important for you. This New Moon in Vedic Astrology is in Taurus, where the moon is exalted and supports you with stability, creativity, endurance, and ultimately, an opportunity to create more harmony in life.

We could all use more harmony right now… with all the changes we are going through and facing, it’s high time to take a closer look at your values to see if they need adjusting. Your values lead to your attachments and you can only afford to give your precious life force to healthy attachments… not the ones that suck you dry.

At the end of the month some of your relationships will be under pressure, so you must know how to navigate that energy

Watch the video and I will share with you what you must know about navigating this energy.

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