September 2021 Vedic Astrology Monthly Energy Update

Change is in the air…It’s the first of September and it feels like overnight the season changed. Right after my morning meditation I love to walk barefoot to connect with nature and get grounded before I start my day. Bhurr…This morning it was pretty chilly on my toes.

Along with the change in weather as we come up to Equinox later this month, there are also some big planetary shifts I want to share with you. I’ve created an energy update for the whole month, so you have a clear picture of what is coming and how to navigate it.

Here are some of the themes for this month:

  • Personal empowerment: For the first half of the month it is still a time of powering up your energy, radiance, and authentic leadership.
  • Practicality: We are coming into a time of a lot of earth energy that will support you in getting practical about your ideas and handling the details of things.
  • Clear Communication: It’s going to be a lot easier to give and receive clear communication.
  • Relationships: Love and connection are a big focus this month. There will be an opening for deeper connectivity with ourselves, the source of our being, and most of each other.
  • Discipline Versus Reactivity: You will really need to manage your energy around that

Tune in to this video to discover how to best navigate all the energy shifts this month, so you go with the flow and not against it.

Much Love,

PS I will be teaching a FREE Masterclass this month to support you in the shift of energy, so stay tuned!

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