Full Moon August 2021 Vedic Astrology and Monthly Forecast – Power to the People

The Full Moon on August 22nd in Aquarius is in Dhanishtha nakshaktra in Vedic Astrology and gives more power to the people. It reminds us of the exponential power we have when we rise together.

The Sun (Leader) and several other planets are in Leo opposite the full moon and calling you to be more authentic in your leadership…Both personal leadership and how you lead your mission, so you are the bright light you are meant to be in this important time of change.

Shiva brings in an energy of death and rebirth supporting the destruction and recreation of what’s not working in the world and in our lives…the beliefs and ways of being that just aren’t serving anymore.

And there is a potent energy for creating and attracting wealth.

Tune in to this video to learn how to best align with the power of this Full Moon and the upcoming transits.

Much Love,

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