New Moon June 2022 Vedic Astrology | Gemini

We have an intense New Moon on June 28th in Gemini in Vedic Astrology that is a powerful trigger for breaking through to clarity around something very important to you.

This energy is activating deep emotions and passionate thinking…so you will need to manage your mind around how you are feeling.

During this New Moon the planet Mars (Honorable Warrior) is transiting through the gandanta point as it moves into Aries. This is where karmic knots can be untied, but it can be a confusing few days until July 1st.

Get excited about the first half of July! As of July 2nd we have a rare event where all the planets get strong in their own signs and can really move you forward. More about that in the July update!


Watch this video and I will share with you how to best use this powerful energy.

Much Love,

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