New Moon March 2023 Vedic Astrology | Equinox Blessings

Get ready for a cosmic event that’s going to leave you feeling blessed and purified!

The powerful New Moon on March 21st in Pisces at 7 degrees in Vedic Astrology is a game-changer, coinciding with the spring equinox and ushering in the growing season in the Northern Hemisphere.

With a strong Jupiter accompanying this New Moon, this is the perfect time to set intentions and lay the groundwork for your long-term soul goals.

Clear out what’s in the way and get grounded in your path because the next New Moon in April will be a Solar Eclipse!

Don’t miss this auspicious opportunity to plant and flourish!

Watch the New Moon forecast and I will guide you on how to make the most of this magical energy. I will give you some soul wisdom questions in the video to help you tap into what your soul is calling you to for this next lunar cycle.



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