New Moon: Getting Practical with Forward Momentum

New Moon: Getting Practical with Forward Momentum

The New Moon in Virgo is calling you to get practical in how you manage the power of your Queendom (or Kingdom).
Since the recent Solar Eclipse, we have been coming to terms with how we perceive and use power. While that energy continues, it’s now time to focus on how you organize power in your life and business through the earthly details.

Things have not been moving swiftly with all the chaotic energy we have been going through! Although we’re not yet fully through the chaos there is a shift with this new moon.

Details may not be the sexiest thing to focus on, but they are essential to forward momentum. You will have extra energetic support to better manage the nitty gritty details of things to take the necessary steps to move your projects forward.

This new moon will also bring in the energies of service, healing, and cleansing.

In this weeks Sacred Wealth Live I will show you how to make the best use of the New Moon energy so you can get into forward momentum, be of the best service possible and contribute to the healing that is much needed on the planet now.

I’m excited to light the path for you. I’ll be teaching you practical strategies you can implement right away. Watch the video below.

Much Love,

P.S. Miss the last episode? Watch the replay here, where I share with you: How to Authentically Lead During Challenging Times, even if you are going through deep shifts yourself.

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