How to Authentically Lead During Challenging Times

With so many planets still shifting it can be challenging to clearly see your path and stay on it. In Vedic Astrology there are several planets in Leo that are challenging our perception of what true leadership is. Leo is the sign of leadership and the same place the solar eclipse happened.

We are certainly seeing a lot of conflicting demonstrations of leadership in the world right now.

You’re being called to FEEL your path, so that you don’t get distracted by everything going on around you. You have to reach deep into your heart and know your purpose and mission to stay the course and LEAD the movement that you’re here to lead.

PURPOSE will always pull you forward to show up fully for your mission when you activate your highest-value gifts.

With the current energy at play, be aware to not get sidetracked by people representing the shadow side of leadership… that is just control fueled by fear.

You are needed more than ever to shift this paradigm. Authentic leadership is an inside job that is led by the heart. I’m excited to show you how!

Watch the video below where I light the path for you. I will be teaching you practical strategies that you can implement right away to lead from the inside out.

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