New Moon September 2023 | Astrology Forecast

Ready for a fresh start? The New Moon on September 14th is at 27 degrees in the fiery sign of Leo in Vedic Astrology with Mercury turning direct…This gives us the new beginning we have been waiting for!

It is in the regal lunar mansion of Uttara Phalguni and ushers in a great possibility for you to start a new cycle of a higher vision. Jupiter and Saturn’s aspect give you the faith, inspiration, and commitment you need to make it your reality.

🌓 Change is coming in October with two Eclipses. We will be ending a cycle of change and the lessons that go along with it and in November 2023 starting a new cycle of change.

To support you in getting the lesson this cycle is calling you to learn and understand the changes the next cycle will trigger…I am offering a half off special on Eclipse Readings.

Watch the New Moon forecast and I will guide you on how to create a powerful new lunar cycle.






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