The Hidden Power Behind September 2023’s Full Moon

The Harvest Full Moon on September 29th at 2:57am is the final Super Moon of the year!

It is in the spiritual sign of Pisces a 12 degrees in Vedic Astrology and ignites our intuitive and psychic abilities, but we have to trust the information we receive from the cosmic realms in order to use it.

The hidden power of the Full Moon calls us home spiritually to reclaim our wholeness and to keep one foot firmly planted firmly in the physical world…so we can do what we have come here to do without forgetting the spiritual being we truly are.

It is in Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra and opens a healing portal that gives us access to rare mystical powers, deep intuition and psychic abilities, so we can easily find the blocks that are hidden from plain sight, see the truth and do the necessary healing to deeply trust the information we receive from beyond the veil.

In the Full Moon Sacred Healing Circle on Sept 28th we will release the programming and blocks of the ego, so you can access the magical multidimensional being you are, trust yourself and higher knowing like never before!

Watch the Full Moon forecast video and I will guide you to get the most out of this cosmic activation.



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