November 2021 Lunar Eclipse Vedic Astrology Unexpected Changes

Big shifts are afoot…we’ve entered eclipse season. Eclipses are celestial storms that can be unsettling because they bring about unexpected changes, but their true purpose is to cause us to GROW.

Like it or not they shake us out of our comfort zone…as if we have not had enough of that in the last couple of years.

The first of the two eclipses is a supercharged Lunar eclipse on November 18 -19th (depending on where you are). The moon is exalted and this will be the longest eclipse we have had in almost 500 years. Emotions will be running at an all time high, so keep life as simple as you can and steer clear of drama.

Your soul is calling you to let go of some attachments that are holding you back, so it is time to get really honest with yourself about what false perceptions of security you are holding on to.

This Lunar eclipse is primed to deliver you an unexpected message that will give you the information you need to be ready to move in the new direction the solar eclipse on December 4th will open for you.

Watch this video and I will share with you what you must know to navigate this very unstable time.

Much Love,

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