November 2021 Vedic Astrology Forecast Eclipses & New Moon Astrology

How are you doing with the pace of things? Whew…October really kicked things into high gear in my world and I am doing all that I can to keep up with it.

November will bring unexpected changes as we head into eclipse season. Change brings growth, but can also cause us to feel a lot of pressure…so this is a month to stay grounded and take the pressure off anywhere you are able to.

This month you are called to:

  • Watch your reactivity in communication
  • Bring awareness around boundaries
  • Get productive with a creative project
  • Choose to come together on things
  • Break through limiting beliefs
  • And more..

In this video I breakdown all of the energy and give you grounded practical guidance, so you know how to flow with it and not against it. You’ll want to take notes and write down some important dates to mark your calendar with.

Much Love,

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