September 2020 Vedic Astrology & Full Moon Update

Prema Lee Gurreri | Soulutionary | Vedic Astrologer | Energy Update

 How are you doing with the current energy? There is a lot of fiery energy and your passion is rising, but you may also feel frustrated and anxious because you can’t quite get things moving forward yet. I get it… just because I know what the energy is doesn’t mean I’m exempt from feeling its effects. It empowers me to strategize and navigate it, so I don’t waste my precious time and energetic currency.

You see, all the energy you experience is good for something… you just need to know what it is good for, so you can go with it instead of trying to swim upstream. This way you can make the right choices at the right time. This is exactly what I teach my clients to do.

Get ready for major shifts this month that have the power to change the collective tide and get you focused and moving forward!

  • The month starts with a mystical Full Moon on September 1st that brings the power of great healing for humanity.
  • Three planets are stationary (almost standing still) before they shift from retrograde to direct or turn retrograde.
  • Five planets in their own constellations are giving us the power and wisdom we need to start to turn this chaotic energy in a better direction and bring you some more focus in your life or business.
  • The eclipse pattern will shift constellations which only happens every year and a half. This will help stabilize the chaos.


Watch this video below and I will share with you how to best strategize and navigate this energy.

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