Show up and shine + getting unblocked

Show up and shine + getting unblocked

I love to show up and shine. It’s one of my favorite ways of being. It means that I’m open, relaxed, and authentically sharing my gifts. I’m not overthinking things or trying to be things or someone that I’m not.

The more opportunities I have to show up and shine, the more great opportunities I attract to me!

We all have different ways to show up and shine, whether you’re an introvert or extrovert; I’m actually both!

Maybe you show up and shine when you’re called to use your gifts of creating supportive environments, intuitive knowing, or complex problem solving.

Or maybe you show up and shine when you are called to step up with your strong leadership, ability to courageously take a stand for others, or the way only you can inspire people into action.

Here is a short video clip from a morning consciousness show I was invited to be on where I got to show up and shine.

So what keeps you from showing up and shining with your gifts? Fear, beliefs, and patterns. They are all rooted in your shadow side and leave you feeling frustrated, stuck, and blocked.

We all have a shadow side and it’s not a bad thing. In fact your shadow side has hidden gifts for you and, you simply need to unlock them.

Because I want to help you get unstuck and feel free to show up and shine I’m called to give you a live teaching on how to unlock the power – and the gifts – in your shadow.

On this live training you’ll learn:

  • Why your challenges are not all bad
  • What your shadow side is and why you must unlock it to activate your purpose and create the wealth you desire
  • How your shadow blocks you from being seen for your brilliance
  • The unseen value in your shadow and the gift it has for you
  • How to identify and shift the #1 block that has held you back from giving your greatest gifts to the world
  • Why now is the time more than ever to step out of the shadow and into the light

How would things transform if you could learn to work with your shadow so that it never blocks you and you could fully live your purpose while creating wealth?

There is no time to hide in the shadows. The world needs us now, especially the individuals who are waiting for you and your gifts.

Just as important as it is for us to serve… is it for us to receive, and everything you desire is possible once you get out of the shadow.

I hope you’ll join me live.

Much Love,

P.S. This is an all new training and I promise you will leave feeling more powerful in the face of your everyday – and super sized challenges – by the end of our time together.

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