Super Snow Moon ignites your power

Super Snow Moon ignites your power

We all desire the feeling of strength and true grounded power. The kind of strength that resonates deep in your soul and makes you feel strong in your being.

This is the kind of strength that gets us through our current challenges and past traumas. When we can stay the course without giving up, we will make it through anything and experience our greatness.

When we are misaligned with our power we don’t have that deep sense of peace and fulfillment that comes with inner strength and that lets you know that you ARE on the right path.

Remember that life is a journey and your soul desires the transformation that happens for you along the way. It’s not about getting it right or even getting there… it’s much more about what you learn and who you become.

Today’s Super Snow Full Moon is igniting your personal power. In Vedic Astrology the Super Moon is lighting up the constellation of Leo, the sign of kings, queens, leadership, individuality, and personal power.

Click the video below and I will share how you can tap into the energy of this Super Snow Moon to access your true power.

Much Love,

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8 thoughts on “Super Snow Moon ignites your power

    1. Hi Laura, Excellent! You have lots to offer.
      That noise can drown out your brilliance. Do what you need to shift that and let me know if you want help. I offer clearing sessions too.


  1. After dropping into my heart the messag I received quite rapidly was simply “Listen.” I did not receive any other directives even after doing the other meditations, which initially frustrated me. Later on in the day I was teaching ballet lessons and inside myself I heard a synthesis of a project I’ve wanted to write about ballet technique which includes mindfulness and visualization practices. There were puzzle pieces of this creation given me months ago, but I could not put them together. After receiving the message of Listen following the meditation I was able to intentionally hear what my heart wants to create at this time. Although I know there is more I want to build, putting this together would be an amazing conclusion to close to 30 years of study and I’m sure will open doors for the next step through the threshold I’m looking for. Participating in this meditation proved to me that communing with my soul can truly be that seamless. It doesn’t need to be complex to be deep and revelatory. Thank you for the invitation to harmonize with the amazing energies of our planet and beyond!

    1. Ariandne,

      I appreciate your beautiful share! Yes, it can be that easy. All of my teachings include this soul heart connection so you can open to your souls guidance. The inspired action will always come through… Listen was actually the action and when you were relaxed and out of the way because you were not focusing on it, your soul slipped the message in. Congratulations on the pieces coming together and trust they are in divine time.


      1. I so appreciate your response! Especially the reminder to trust in divine timing! I am so enjoying working the journal and the book together. I’m certain the practice will continue to illuminate and serve the process of allowing!

        1. I am so glad you are enjoying the journal and book. I love the practice and tools myself. If you would be willing I would so appreciate you leaving a short testimonial on Amazon for both. It will help spread the word. xo

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