🌗 Solar Eclipse June 2020 | 5 Retrograde Planets

Get ready for major transformation with the Solar Eclipse Solstice on June 20th/21st. There is a portal opening on the Galactic Plane for massive spiritual awakening and harmonizing the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine energies to support us in birthing the new paradigm.

In Vedic Astrology it is happening in Gemini, in the lunar mansion of Mrigashira where we access new concepts and ideas. With this alignment the breakthroughs and answers will start to come to help us through this challenging time.

There is an opportunity for us to harmonize our divine feminine and sacred masculine energy to quicken this transformation, so I have included a meditation to support you with that below.

This is the second and the most powerful eclipse in the three eclipse pattern we are in. And if that wasn’t enough… We also have 5 planets in retrograde, including Mercury, which just went retrograde on June 17th. Whew!

In this video I give you the New Moon Solar Eclipse astrology and energy reading for the spiritual awakening available during this solar eclipse.

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Download your Free Solar Eclipse Meditation: Harmonizing Your Divine Feminine & Sacred Masculine Meditation here.

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