🌙 Full Moon Eclipse June 5th – Deep Change

Deep change

This is a time of deep change… I don’t need to tell you that because you feel it.

We are being called to be, think, choose, and do things differently. The energy feels very heavy right now and will likely get more chaotic this month with three eclipses and Mercury going retrograde. That will give us a total of five retrograde planets!

Months with eclipses tend to be more intense and volatile, because eclipses are celestial storms that create unexpected change. They agitate areas of life to bring things to the surface that need to be transformed, so we can grow. It’s far from comfortable, but serves an important purpose. The June 5th lunar eclipse is in a placement that gives us the courage and support to rise up and overcome challenges.

During these shifts, watch and witness the coming change from a calm and centered place within and be as detached as possible, so you are centered to truth. That is much easier said than done!

Watch the update below where I share with you how to navigate this time and give you some tools to not get caught in the emotional storms that these shifts can bring… so you can be part of the deep change we are all needing.

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Much Love,

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