Solstice Blessings and a Gift For You

Winter Solstice

I wish I could show you… the astonishing light of your own being. ~ Hafez

This darker time of the year is an undeniable call to draw inward and cultivate, embrace, and rely on the light within. It’s a time to stoke your inner fire and get intimate with what’s ablaze in your soul – and what your soul wants you to burn away.

The call inward will take you willingly with a candle, meditation cushion, fireplace, good book, or warm bed. With resistance, the call to turn inward will take you down with exhaustion, sickness, or even depression. The choice is yours, so choose wisely! 

The solstice is a gateway, much like stepping through the eye of a needle. You must pause and check your excess baggage at the door to lighten your load. And with where you’re going – serving the world by shining your divine gifts brighter than you ever have, you’ll need a lighter load to carry.

We are blessed on this solstice with the light of a powerful Full Moon and the conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury. This auspicious celestial alignment will supercharge your clarity.

I’ve created a special gift for YOU!

Here is a Solstice Meditation with a few soul questions that will take you right to the heart of your truth, so you can get the clarity that will guide you to step lightly through the eye of the needle and shine brighter than ever.

Get your journal and something to write with. Light a candle.

Click here to download the meditation.

Much Love,

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