[Special Gifts] Sacred Wealth Code Journal Meditations

I’ve created something really wonderful for you to supercharge your wealth dream in this new year… The Sacred Wealth Code Journal!

Plus I am giving away 3 free journaling meditations and a shadow clearing process when you order your journal!

Your Sacred Wealth Code is your unique, internal design for wealth, and this journal is your guide!

You are meant to be who you are, do what you love, and have a wealthy life. This gorgeous, spiral-bound journal is a soulful journey to discovering, aligning with, and activating your Sacred Wealth Code to create and live your wealth dream!


This journal makes it easy for you to:

  • Unlock the wealth potential of your soul blueprint
  • Discover and activate your high-value gifts
  • Learn to trust yourself and your inner guidance
  • Connect with and reflect on your soul’s wisdom
  • Find your path with daily journaling prompts & Wealth Council exercises
  • Be inspired by wisdom quotes & Archetype Spotlight pages
  • Live your new found purpose and prosperity

I created this journal from my daily journaling process that I use to connect with my Sacred Wealth Code to create a wealthy and fulfilling life.

Your Sacred Wealth Archetypes and high-value gifts are like a key to something in the world that only YOU can unlock and in turn the world recognizes your value. Unlock your wealthy life now!

Check out the journal and claim your free meditations!

Much Love,

P.S. We have a lot of planets shifting this month! Stay tuned for an energy update I will release soon.

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