How to Stop Struggling with Your Shadow

When you aren’t using your high-value gifts it costs you… even more than you know. It costs you time, energy, emotion and money.

If you’re not using your high-value gifts, you are likely hanging out in the shadows; you may not even realize it. You could be using some of your gifts – but not all of them – and this almost always leads to a struggle in some (if not all) aspects of your life.

If you aren’t using all of your high-value gifts – those magical aspects that only YOU have – you may be feeling:

  • Frustrated with inconsistent results in your life or business
  • Unable to follow your intuition or second guessing it often
  • Afraid, unable, or unwilling to share all aspects of who you are

Meagan Ruppert, Visionary Coach and Conscious Marketing Strategist, found herself stuck in the space of expending so much more energy than necessary in her business and her life because she had formed a belief around “who she was supposed to be.” That is, until she finally surrendered to her shadow side and let it come out into the light, embracing her most high-value gifts and truly opening up to all of the personal freedom she had ever desired for herself!

In this weeks Sacred Wealth Live I’m talking with Megan, and you’ll discover:

  • How to bring your shadow into the light
  • How to get into flow
  • How to get comfortable being seen for your gifts
  • How to trust and follow your intuition

Much Love,


If you missed last weeks, How to be grateful during challenging times, you can watch it here.

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