Get through Mercury Retrograde with Ease

Mercury is in retrograde and we’re just on our way out from the effects of the emotional Full Moon… Oh, and it’s the Holiday Season!

Wow! Let’s be honest – if you are feeling overwhelmed, you are not alone!

I’m going to do a deep dive into all this today on my Facebook Live video below.

Mercury Retrograde can cause inconveniences with timing, contracts, communication, transportation, and business, but there is always an upside. It also asks you to closely examine some important aspects of life that you may otherwise miss.

This retrograde is activating our desire to know the TRUTH and is all about navigating the bridge between uncertainty and certainty.

It’s calling you to look closely at your beliefs, so you can determine if those beliefs are serving you or now. If they aren’t serving you, it’s time to break up with those beliefs!

You need to be absolutely certain about what is true for you in order to be on purpose and move your mission forward to make the difference you are here to make.

In this week’s Sacred Wealth Live I will share with you how to successfully navigate this retrograde, so you can break up with the beliefs that keep you from trusting yourself and step into your purpose and mission with more grace and ease.

Much Love,

If you missed last weeks, How to stop struggling with your shadow, you can watch it here.



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