Super Full Moon August 1st 2023 | Vedic Astrology

We have two powerful Full Moons this month!

The Super Full Moon on August 1st is in the grounded, committed and hardworking sign of Capricorn at 15 degrees in Vedic Astrology… where we face our fears and develop emotional boundaries.

This Full Moon is in Shravana nakshatra and is symbolized by the ear, which means “that which is heard”. It awakens our intuition and ability to listen deeply to the heart instead of those around you, so you can hold your balance and boundaries with a foot in both the material and spiritual worlds.

Venus is retrograde all month bringing up relationship issues to be healed.

In the Full Moon Healing Circle on August 1st we will use this powerful cosmic energy to heal relationship issues, recalibrate boundaries and align values.

Watch the forecast and I will guide you to harness the power of this Super Full Moon.




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