August 2023 Astrology forecast | Retrograde Planets

August is a powerful month full of a lot of retrograde energy with Venus continuing its retrograde cycle and Mercury going retrograde on August 24th in Leo, opposite Satrun retrograde.

It is Leo season with a lot of planets in Leo and the Sun (Leader) will get very strong as it comes to Leo on the 17th bringing us confidence and vitality!

Relationship issues are still on the rise until September 5th when Venus goes direct in Cancer. Remember they are up for healing, so don’t get stuck in the drama. Do your soul work.

We had a powerful Full Moon Sacred Healing Circle to heal relationship issues. You can get the replay here! (add button below for HC replay page)

We have two Full Moons this month with a Blue Moon on August 30th.

And much more…

Watch the forecast and I will guide you on how to navigate this month’s cosmic energy!





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