How to escape the shadow of the Honorable Warrior Archetype


Your inner Honorable Warrior Archetype gives you the strength, courage, determination, and passion, but on the shadow side can be a world class Rescuer.


The Honorable Warrior is empowered with confidence, courage, determination, and drive to be a champion for worthy causes and create positive change in the world.

Mantra: I take a stand for personal change.

Soul Desire: To pursue personal excellence and world change through courageous acts.

Purpose: To stand for honorable causes and be an agent for positive change.

Shadow: Rescuer, Narcissistic. Volatile. Self-neglecting.

As an Honorable Warrior, you are a strong, brave, passionate, hardworking, loyal, action-oriented spiritual warrior who is guided by a higher power. You’re willing to fight the good fight for a cause in which you strongly believe. You will stand for the underdog when they can’t stand for themselves, and art at your best when you’re saving the world.

Click below to watch this short interview with Tanya Stewart, Alpha Life Success Coach. She shares her moving story of how she broke up with the pattern of rescuing (part of the shadow of the Honorable Warrior) and learned to wield the true power of this powerful Archetype. Tanya came back home to her true self and created SUCCESS without STRUGGLE.

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