Are you a Visionary Archetype?

As a Visionary Archetype you are:
Inventive. Expansive. Wise. Insightful. Enthusiastic. Curious. Courageous. Philanthropic. Imaginative. Wealthy. Knowledgeable. Conceptual. Inspired. Idealistic. Benevolent. Humble.

Visionaries have the insight and wisdom to tap into higher potential and create innovative solutions for the greater good of all. As a Visionary, you absorb information from the world, intuitively process it, and intellectually express your ideas. You have an enlightened perspective and excel at anything that truly interests you. A humanitarian at heart, you’re most inspired by projects that uplift humanity and achieve a collective goal.

MANTRA: “The world is filled with possibilities.”

SOUL DESIRE: To manifest future possibilities in the present to uplift the world.

PURPOSE: To illuminate possibilities and create a vision for the greater good.

SHADOW: Hubris. Over-expansion. Overly idealistic. Lack of action. Perfectionism.

You are an independent, free thinker, and – much like a computer processor – you think in systems. You can synthesize multiple data points at once, and can greatly profit from your ability to quickly illuminate new possibilities, solutions, and plans that are beyond the horizon of most people’s vision.

Click below to watch this inspiring interview with Visionary Musician Will LaBonte. You will love his Visionary story because it is filled with deep insights on how to bring a big VISION down to an earthly REALITY and how to overcome the idealism and perfectionism that can stop a Visionary dead in their tracks.

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P.S. Stay tuned for the Strategist Archetype and the next inspiring interview with Devani Freeman.

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