Meet the Modern Muse Archetype


As a Muse Archetype you are:

Intuitive. Inspired. Idealistic. Creative. Divinely-Connected. Passionate. Emotional. Sensitive. Empathetic. Magical.

The Muse is the creative voice of the soul. If you are working with the Muse Archetype, you have a direct connection with divine inspiration.

As a Muse, your purpose and mission is to make life a form of art. You are smart, creative, and sensitive. You have your own personal style and authentic stance, which you express through your work in the world.

Mantra: “I inspire, and I am inspired.”

Soul Desire: To be a channel for creativity and genius.

Purpose: To make life a form of art.

Shadow: Inner critic. Control issues. Scattered. Lack of follow-through.

You are an exceptional collaborator who gives inspiration and clarity to, and facilitates growth in, all those whom you encounter. One of your superpowers is to help those around you breathe life into their dreams.

Click below to watch this uplifting interview with Modern Muse Rebecca Loveless. Discover how she overcame her “Inner Critic” and followed her Muse’s guidance to leave her full-time classroom teaching job and create her successful Educational Teaching and Consulting business.

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