Feeling the Shifts? Total Lunar Eclipse + 2019 Update

The key to staying in step with 2019 is keeping things simple, aligning with current energy, and being present. Be present to what is unfolding just beneath the surface in your life and the world at large. Let go of attachments to the way things used to be, because when we focus on the past, we’re not present, and therefore we’re recreating the past.

Are you feeling all the shifts?

Change is afoot from the get-go in the new year with several planetary shifts to shake up the status quo. Keep your sea legs on and make your motto “go with the flow.” Whenever there is a lot of shifting energy, we are being called to loosen our grip on life as we know it and open up to letting go of what no longer serves us. This is the divine’s way of making space for more of what is most useful for our growth and true heart’s desire. There’s a lot of inner light and grace with these shifts, but January is not the time to make big decisions. Instead, wait until February, so you can see the new choices these shifts may bring you after the dust settles.

Click the video below to discover how to make best use of the January 20th Lunar Eclipse energy and what to steer clear of potential drama.

This year there is much information about to be revealed that has been hidden just below the surface; both positive and negative. You will see this play out personally and collectively. Be aware of what you sense to be true and trust yourself where things feel off. Ask non-threatening questions of yourself and others to expose the truth with clarity and compassion, so you can make the best choices possible. Remember great decisions are not made, they are arrived at.

We will all be coming face-to-face with hitting our limitations. Wherever this shows up for you in life is where your soul is calling you to take a spiritual viewpoint. And that includes surrender. Surrender is not an act of weakness. It is truly an act of great strength to let go and let God where need be. In order for you to be – and do – what you have come here to do, you must be responsible only for what is truly yours.

I will break down these energies as they approach with future updates, but I wanted to give you an overall sense of what we are in store for this year.

Remember, the world needs the best of you more than ever! Understanding what your highest-value gifts and how you can best use them to uplift your life and the world is one of the best ways to change the tide for the greater good of all.

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