Full Moon December 2023 | What You Need To Know

The last Full Moon of the year on December 26th comes right after the turning point of the Solstice and brings in a powerful frequency to raise our consciousness.

We are being called to a new level of clarity, creativity, and clear communication, so we can access new Soul-lutions to life’s challenges we have been facing this year.

This Full Moon in the mental sign Gemini in Vedic Astrology, in Ardra Nakshatra and is illuminating a new potential for clarity… but also the mental loops and stories we get caught in that weigh us down.

And..Mercury is still retrograde until January 1st, so be mindful of travel and communication.

💜 In the Full Moon Sacred Healing Circle on December 26th we will rewrite our stories to heal and release what’s weighing us down to relax our nervous systems and truly be at peace, so we can see clearly what is next for the year to come.

Watch the Full Moon forecast video and I will share how to navigate the Full Moon energies and how to make the most of it.


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