Lunar Eclipse: a Time for Soul Work

You’ve probably heard that today’s total Lunar Eclipse is far from ordinary. It is a blue moon because it’s the second full moon of the month, and it’s a super blood moon because of its close proximity to the earth. We have not had a total Lunar Eclipse like this in 150 years.

Emotions run high with lunar eclipses. In fact, that is where the word lunatic comes from. When emotions are high, drama is soon to follow.

The SOUL WORK going on with eclipses is growth.

They agitate certain areas of life and call us to grow big time! Growth always involves gaining a new awareness, letting go of something, and making a change… sometimes a big change.

So, you have a choice to make: change willingly, or life will arrange circumstances so that the change is inevitable; just far less comfortable than if you’re willing to choose.

The big themes at play have to do with what you are devoted and committed to.

In this update I help you understand the ENERGY of this eclipse and how to navigate it, so you get the growth with the shift… not the drama.

Much Love,

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