How To Receive What You Really Want

How to Receive What You Really Want

It’s been a glorious sparkly warm few days here in the Pacific Northwest and I feel so blessed not only by the weather, but also to have been so beautifully celebrated for my birthday.

What was so special about my birthday was that my honey and my kids planned it, being an extra special day for me. They took me to brunch on the roof-top patio of a fabulous restaurant because they know I love to eat outside when it’s sunny. Michael informed me that next we would be walking a few blocks downtown so he could take me shopping. He told me that we would meet up with the kids again later in the afternoon for an outing at a lovely park by the lake where we could see the sunset.

The last adventure turned into a surprise because they rented a boat so we could spend a couple hours on the lake. I love being on the water!

Any of these events could have been nice and somewhat common place on any day, but what made them special is that they were orchestrated for me and my enjoyment. Much of it was planned as a surprise and I embraced the intention to surprise me with a sense of wonderment and adventure. I did not ask why, where, when, or how because I was willing to go with the flow and had no resistance… I had the most spectacular time in total celebration. We all did.

Here’s why I am sharing this with you…

The universe is programmed to abundantly surprise you and have even the things that you plan turn out better than expected. Your job it to allow it.

Nonresistance is one of the universal laws, and how well we practice it plays heavily into our ability to allow and receive. Part of what made my birthday so wonderful was that I did not resist anything that was coming my way. This was all good sweet stuff, but the fact is that there is something for you in everything in your life… even the crappy stuff. When you practice the nonresistance regularly you allow and can receive the good to come through in any situation.

The question you want to live with is: What’s in this for me?

Some questions to entertain:

What if you knew in your heart of hearts that whatever you were presented with in your life had something in it for you?

What if you were open to finding out what that was instead of resisting things that don’t seem to fit how your mind says it should?

What if you dropped control?

When you practice the law of nonresistance you are letting go of control. You give the universe a chance to present you with new opportunities and experiences.

Whether you want more money, clients, a new house or to travel… I invite you to open up to more flow of what you desire by practicing nonresistance.

5 Steps to allowing and receiving – practicing nonresistance

1: Tell yourself the truth: Whatever comes your way embrace it and tell yourself the truth: What’s in this for me?
2: Trust: Trust is happening in your life because at some level you choose it.
3: Flow: Go with it and find out what is in it for you.
4: Take inspired action to engage with the opportunity.
5: Be open to receiving the good in it.

You can receive what you heart desires, including the money you want. Stop pushing against what is coming your way and see what opportunity is in it for you. You will be called to take action to receive the full benefit. Remember, taking inspired action is how the universe collaborates with you.

With Love and Guidance,


P.S. Leave a comment about how you are going to practice nonresistance and start allowing.

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