October 2023 Astrology Forecast | Eclipses | What you need to know

October is a month to expect the unexpected, because we are in Eclipse Season with two Eclipses this month!

These are cosmic triggers that are game changers for our relationships, purpose, career, wealth, spirituality…depending on how they trigger our charts.

They bring us the lessons that we need on a soul level to grow and evolve by activating unexpected changes that create the need to surrender some things and embrace new experiences. But they also tend to complicate life, bring on stress, and create loss.

There is a ring of fire annular Solar Eclipse on October 14th and a Lunar Eclipse on October 28th that involves four other planets. You will need to keep your sea legs on and stay present this month.

This is the last set of Eclipses in this cycle. The Eclipse pattern will move at the end of November to Pisces and Virgo activating different areas of life for us to surrender and grow.

It is essential we get the current lessons before the cycle shifts!

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Watch the forecast and I will guide you on how to navigate these cosmic triggers and the rest of the monthly transits.




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